As the world’s largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia is a major player in the global economy and one of the main powers in the Middle East. While it has always been seen as a bastion of the status quo, the country is now undergoing unprecedented economic and social transformations. This newsletter aims to help those interested in Saudi Arabia to understand the country better during a period of change by providing context, commentary and analysis on the kingdom.

Riyadh Bureau is written by me, Ahmed Al Omran. I have been writing about Saudi Arabia for an international audience for more than ten years, first as a blogger and more recently as a reporter for major American and British publications. I currently work as a correspondent for the Financial Times in Riyadh.

The name Riyadh Bureau probably sounds familiar to those who have followed my work over the years as I have used it before for a website that I ran between 2012 and 2013. An archive of the website can still be found here.

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This newsletter is designed to be low volume, with plans to be published once a month.